Lot’s of Hugging, Kissing, and other Violence

No, the title has nothing to do with this post, I just like it.

Well, I am still attempting to get the computer on line, hopefully this Friday night will do the trick.

I’ve been doing the usual commute during the week, and have taken to long excursions on the back roads and ATV trails to explore on the mountain bike, as well as learning to ride a fixie. More on that soon…no, really. Work has me beat down so I have been too tired to type more than a few sentences.

I do miss having a camera…it pains me to be riding around see some great photo opps and being able to do nothing about it…gggrrrr.

I have also hinted to a co-worker who recently started commuting by bike to work to maybe submit his thoughts and experiences as a newbie commuter. It would be an interesting perspective.

I am also thinking of asking a friend in Columbus, Ohio to maybe send in pics and some words about his riding the trails back in Ohio. He’s a mountain bike singlespeed junkie, and has been riding SS exclusively for the past few years. I was talking to him the other night and he was telling me about Great Seal State Park, and how the trail system has become one of the best in the state. There is a particular hill which I distinctly remember having to walk up and he says he has just about conquered it on the SS, soon he says. I know he’s busy, but I’ll run the idea by him.

More soon!
Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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