OK Computer?

Well, my two week absence from this site and the rest of the world wide web has been do to a computer accident. The smallest of things are what do the most damage. My computer took a tumble from the arm of our couch and landed on the corner, which in turn seemed to have busted the lighting element for the monitor. I happened to notice that I could see, with great difficulty, the images on the screen but, couldn’t make out where the damn cursor was. I gave up hope of using the computer, and my wife spent some time at work searching for a new notebook(which is do to arrive on Monday) So, with a friends suggestion to hook up to the desktop monitor, and some toying around on my part with a flashlight, I just today got my old notebook working via a desktop monitor. I figured I would have to do this anyway so as to extract the files I need so I can transfer them to the new ‘puter.

So, I haven’t been ignoring anyone, I just haven’t had any computer/internet access.

Thanks for your understanding, more new things on the way, such as a review of the new Specialized Gangster, and about my first attempt a riding fixed….yes, ladies, gents, bastards, freaks….I finally got the brass to give the fixie thing a try….all coming soon.

Peace, Patrick Head Tofu @ Soul Side Down


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