There’s a sucka born…

Yep!!! That’s me, a sucka. Me and my wife are suckas. Why? Well, if there is one thing we have a tough time resisting, it happens to be bicycles. Now, we don’t buy willie-nillie, but if we run across one that strikes our fancy, be it old or new, we have a bad habit of acquiring it. Well, several weeks ago while hanging out at our favorite bike shop, our friends were kind enough to show us the ’08 Langsters. After much drooling and ogling, we picked out the ones we desired. Thought on it over the weekend, and decided to put in our order.

What could be so cool to make us purchase a second Langster? Well, it just so happens to be the proverbial shiny object. 5 bikes themed after 5 cities, Boston, Chicago, London, Seattle, and New York. Peep out the Specialized website for full details.

My wife and I ended up ordering the Chicago (His) and the London(Hers). Mine came in this past week and we picked it up today. Her bike is still in transit, and she is giddy with excitement, and slight bit bummed that it hasn’t arrived….soon though.

So, I sit and stare at my new acquisition, knowing how silly it is, knowing we didn’t need a new bike in our herd, knowing the money could have been better spent….but damn it’s dope. These will be our last purchases for a long while though. Actually, we ride all of the bikes we have except for the three vintage ones that happen to be in various states of refurbishing.

So sue us, bikes happen to be our Achilles heel.

Suckas? Damn right. I mean really, can one have too many bikes?

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew




3 thoughts on “There’s a sucka born…

  1. Nice. I am all kinds of envious. You can never have too many bikes, ive had to sell some of mine as of late and one got stolen so i dont have what i would like but i believe ive found the one for me at this point. Well if i could only have one that is. And at this rate thats all there will be.

    And i send you an email about the questions, get them to me and ill send them right back…

  2. No way you can have too many bikes. They don’t count as bikes if they’re not ridable, right?
    The Langsters are nice bikes–enjoy!

  3. P@t,
    The Langster is a great bike. The new city things is kind of cool too. I have to say I like hers better. I just ordered the Giant version. Hope all is well down south.

    Peace. Love. and Revolution.

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