Sewing My Shadow On: A Passion For Life

I ran across this blog here on WordPress while using my TagSurfer. Sewing My Shadow On is the blog of Jessica, a 26 year old Chicago inhabitant who is on a mission to track her buying and waste habits for all of 2007. She has a deep passion in all of the things she believes in, from vegetarianism, commuting (bike or public transit), environmentalism, and the connection we have to all living and non-living things here on planet Earth.

She has taken a step in her life that many may find crazy, a step that most find unable to make because of the fear of change. A fear of a change of lifestyle, fear of leaving their well established “comfort zone”. Is she better than anyone of those people or those of us who haven’t quite made that leap? No. But the planet is better for it, and I imagine she is also. I know how she feels, because of my beliefs, my buying habits change regularly do to information regarding certain companies.

^image entitled “Bike Legs” It’ s something all of us who ride bikes know too well, and we love it.

Peep her blog for bit-o-inspiration and some good reading> SEWING MY SHADOW ON

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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