Because you give a poop!

I ran across this site today ZERO PER GALLON


Any one who commutes needs to visit Jonny5’s funny as hell site that sells stickers, patches, and t-shirts with the above logo. Purchase one or many and put ’em on your bike, backpack, panniers, messenger bag, or your back. Let those in the roving coffins know the reality of how much money you spend on petrol. I’m sure it may just irritate ’em. Why? One reason is because you have the brass to forgo a car for a bike and two, you happen to be spending far less getting to and fro. Go on you know you want one.

Click the above image to visit Zero Per Gallon.

He also has a blog right here on WordPress so, peep it also.

Click here>

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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