10 Questions For Soul: Bryce – photo monkey & bike wrench

It’s so hot here in southern Utah even the El Diablo was over heard saying, “Damn, it’s hot!”

The commute yesterday kicked my ass, the heat was almost a bit too much. Cooled my self by wetting down my skull and stopping in the shade. It’s all good though, I enjoy riding, even in hot ass weather. Just need to be careful.

Peace, Patrick – SSD Collective


The next set of 10 Questions For Soul come from Bryce P., head photo monkey over at Crawling Spider Gallery. Bryce is of the nicest people you’ll meet, he has a love of all things bike. When he’s not out riding one of the local trails or harassing the locals on his commuter, he works as a wrench at Red Rock Bicycles and is into photographing bikes, bike related events, and the natural world, from landscapes to macro.  Peep his questins and visit his gallery. Click the link above or head over to our photography link section.

1. Name: Bryce Clayton Pratt (aka: Neetrith, alias:Crash)
2. Location: On the edge of The Colorado Plateau
3. How long have you been riding?: Let’s just say my earliest memories include a little orange bicycle 😉
4. First Bike?: Yeah, uhh. It was that little orange thing, I think it was the boy’s version of the dill pickle. Remember that one?……… Anybody?
5. Current Bike(s)?: I have a large quiver right now, but I’m selling the unused ones to fund my  camera habit
6. Favorite place to ride?: Somewhere really rocky and steep.
7. Favorite post-ride beverage?: Depends on the weather, but I know it tastes like beer!!!!
8. Currently listening to?: Spearhead, song: Red Beans and Rice
9. Hobbies (besides riding.): Photography, beer, beer, and photography, oh yeah and beer.
10. Last book read: The Secret Knowledge of Water by Craig Childs. It follows this Guy’s endless search of the south west for obscure sources of water and how they can be benign or very devastating. I highly recommend it.


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