10 Questions For Soul: Lukas a.k.a Knuckler

The weather is heating up here in southern Utah, the days are averaging 100 degrees+. My lazy ass has finally come up with some new posts and future articles. The 10 Questions for Soul will be a regular, evolving feature. So enjoy this newest set.

Peace, Patrick – SSD crew


This most recent set of 10 Questions For Soul, comes to us from our good friend up in northern Utah, Lukas, head bike freak at the Moose Knuckler Cycling Alliance web blog. Lukas is one of the most down to earth people you would ever hope to meet and he’s passionate about life and bikes, which is why we asked him to answer our 10 questions.

1. Name: Lukas aka Knuckler
2. Location: Polar North
3. How long have you been riding?: I’ve been riding for a while. I never stopped riding after leaving my childhood behind, even if I still act like a child. I’ve always seen the bicycle as a pathway to freedom. First, as a way to travel farther when I was a child and now as a way to be independent of mainstream culture and of oil.
4. First bike: A used Kent bmx bike my dad bought and put training wheels on for me.
5. Current bike(s): I would feel like a snob to give you a list.
6. Favorite riding terrain: Dirt with some slickrock, namely Gooseberry Mesa.
7. Favorite post ride food: I don’t really have one.
8. Pet peeve while riding: People who get to the trail head and then ready their steads.
9. What do you do for a living?: I’m a worthless wrench with big aspiration of not starving to death while being a journalist.
10: Favorite quote: Pueden arrancar todas las flores pero no detendran primavera         -Pablo Neruda              [They can take all the flowers but they do not stop the spring(?)]


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