Constant Motion:

Get your fix today?

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While running around on the web this morning, I ran across this fixed-gear site. No, I don’t ride a fixed gear…yet, but the thought has continually run through my head since I procured my singlespeed Langster 3 years ago. I just haven’t had the brass to step up to the plate. But, you don’t have to ride one to appreciate the beautiful geometry of the bike. The love that each bike owner has for their ride. The care and time put into acquiring hard to find parts, or saving cash to get a long desired component. This site posts pics that site visitors from all over the world send in of their significant others. Classic pin-ups for the bike lover. Peep this link for a sample of a true centerfold quality image: Josh’s 70s Moto Grand Jubilee.

That’s not all though, they have a Swapmeet page, as well a killer Resource page, an Events page, a friendly forum , and a Stuff page where you can get some sick gear, and support the site, which is a labor of love. If you don’t feel the need to buy some gear, but you have a few extra bucks, hit the Paypal button to donate and give ’em a hand. They also have sections for fixed reviews, tech articles, and an area for photo stories. The love runs deep on this site, and like I stated before, you don’t have to ride one to appreciate the beauty and passion that those who do enjoy the company of a fixie do.
They are good people over at , so peep the site and find out about another aspect of biking.

Ride On – Ride Safe

Peace, Patrick


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