Small World…

Spring Flower doing it’s thing.  Hoffheins Connect Trail, Durango.

The Singlespeed Barracuda and I took on the Colorado Trail Saturday.  At the base of the first climb, a rider was coming down, and he stopped to say hi and a brief moment of rider smalltalk ensued:

Rider: “Hey, how ya doing?”
Me: “Pretty good, a little worried ’bout the singlespeed thing, beautiful day though”
Rider: “Right on..  Do you live here?”
Me: (pause)… “You mean, at the trail?”
Rider: “No, here, in Durango”
Me: “Yeah..”
Rider: “I’m up from Albuquerque.”
Me: “Funny.  I moved here from Albuquerque last year, little different up here, eh?”
Rider: “For sure, nothing like the desert.”
Me: “There are some keen trails on the back side of Sandia though…”
Rider: ” Oh, for sure, we also spend a lot of time up in Taos, Anglefire…”
Me: “Hell, I’m originally from Ohio, I eat it all up anyhow”
Rider: “Where from in Ohio?”
Me: “Columbus”
Rider: “I used to live in Worthinton.. Where’d you grow up”
Me: “I haven’t really, but my origin is Toledo…”
Rider: “I went to BGSU”
Both of us, nearly in unison: “Small world…”

We bade eachother a good day, great ride, and were on our respective ways…



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