Late Images & Other Odd Crap

The last few weeks have put a dent in my riding, with family visiting, and other weekend activities trumping the bike ride, I haven’t pedaled much. I’m hoping to remedy that this week and get back to commuting, maybe throw in a MB ride in the middle of the week.

I finally got the images off my card, plus my camera finally took a poop on me, so I am camera-less now until the funds can be put aside for a new one.

The following images are from our virginal mountain bike ride from several weeks ago on one of my favorite local trails, Bear Claw Poppie, named after the flower indigenous to the area (Pics of said flower are included). Riders pictured are Amy, Sara, & Chris. What makes BC so fun is that you can ride it one of two ways. You can shuttle, park one vehicle at the bottom, drive the second vehicle to the top and just do a ride down, or just park at the bottom and ride up to the top and come ripping back down. BC is one of those trails that has a bit of everything for all levels. The craziest drop-ins all have an easier way around if your not up to the challenge. It has steep descents, rolling sections, some killer climbs and a ton of fun.

Bear Claw Poppie

Amy, Sara, & Chris

Chris atop the Acid Drops

Chris rollin’ in
Sara Droppin’ in

Thanks for reading and viewing.

Peace, Patrick

Ride on – Ride Safe


One thought on “Late Images & Other Odd Crap

  1. ohhhh. miss that place for sure… keen to see all the Ohio Crew takin’ advantage of all that UT Acid 😉 – Keen flics bro, fingers crossed you obtain a new picture taking device sooner rather than later. Peace!

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