Photolock and a new contributor

Sorry for lack of posts lately, I seem to have lost the transfer cord for my camera so I have pictures to post but no way to retrieve them. I have a que of posts that need the images, but until I find the cord, or do what I should have long ago, purchase a card reader, posts from me at least, are onhold.

Jerry Hazard has a few things in the works and should be posting them soon.

We will be welcoming a new contributor on board. He left a post on one of my other galleries about the lack of a DH section, so I called him straight away and asked him to hop on board. Representing the east will be Jeffery A.K.A. ~bentperspectives out of Columbus, Ohio. He’s into downhill and urban riding. He’ll be giving us his unique view from the midwest, about riding and life in general.

A blog to peep right here on WordPress is IRA Ryan Bicycles . A custom frame builder out of Portland, OR, who makes some fresh ass frames. I’ve put their frames on my wishlist for sure. I checked the company website and the images they have posted are like pin-ups. Some amazing craftmanship to make you drool. Check it!

Thanks for reading and your patience.

Peace, Patrick

Ride On – Ride Safe


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