The nail that sticks up…

 “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” —Propaghandi.

The everyday life of the bicycle commuter consists of being hammered down. Every morning cyclists arise with idealism broiling in their blood. As they enter the jungle of the world they become aware of the pressures of modern society. They stick up all around the globe, two wheels and no windshield is our revolution.
I say we applaud those who are out there fighting against the beast. There should be a society committed to bicycle commuters, a system that supports those who are willing to give the middle finger to our current transportation crisis. What better way to bring about serious change in this fucked up world?
My opinion may be a bit jaded, as I am a commuter. The fact still remains, life is better when more people pedal instead of driving. The sky is bluer. We all breathe easier. Children smile faster and puppies run freely. The world could be beautiful if we just got out of our four-wheeled pollution spewing coffins and traveled by our own power. Driving a car is like being a crack whore. The first few times it’s enjoyable and exciting but the longer you do it the more it consumes you.
I guess there still is hope out there. Every morning I awake with idealism broiling in my blood and I pedal my way to work. The way is littered with nails that have been hammered down, but most importantly there are still some that are sticking up. Peace. Love. And Revolution, or something similar.

—Mr. Lukas

    The Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance


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