1st Commute and Mental Improvment

Commuted from work for the first time this season on Tuesday. Unfortunately, a full commute is out of the question. I happen to live too far away and a 40+ mile commute that includes a ride through Dixie National Forest would most likely turn me into road kill, the way truckers and other drivers tear through there. No thanks.
I’ve chosen to split the week, so to speak, up with my wife she ride three days and I ride two. It’s all good though. Two is better than none at all, plus as the weather warms up, I’ll get to tool around up near my house. Explore the back country a bit more on the mountain bike, and take pics, so it’ll give me more ride time.

Back to the commute though. 4 o’clock rolls around, I clean up my area in the shop, change clothes, fill the water bottles, and I’m out the door. Exited by the idea of riding again, I pedal ans smile. I get out the main stretch of road, check for traffic, and hope into the flow. Up near work the road is wide and not that busy, but there are lots of trucks, stupid big 4×4’s, company pick-ups, cement trucks, semis, etc. The beginning is easy as you roll down hill, nothing steep, just a slow decent. It’s only when you hit the wash at the bottom that you have to climb, and my legs still remembered what I put ‘em through on Saturday. They burned, but damn it was feeling good to be pedaling and releasing the stress of work. That is an advantage to biking after work, unlike a car which is quite like an oven and you just stew as you drive, but on a bike you shed it all as you pedal, leaving it all strewn about the road as you go. Freedom.

I rolled to the top of the climb, raced down to the stop light, caught the green and ripped through. It then becomes a long, but not too steep, steady climb up to my turn. By this point my legs were beginning to warm up and adjust. Worked my way up to the light, zigged across the street and through traffic. Made my turn west, bam, right into a head-wind, I loved it. That was quite easy compared to weaving my way though town which is a series of climbing. Now, mind you the climbs are gradual, not steep, but they are long, and it begins to grind on you. By the time I reached my destination, the wife’s place of employment, my legs were rubber, but I didn’t get off the bike. I tooled around the parking lot, practicing track stands, and basically just pedaling in a circle. I was beat from the ride, but I know it will get better, physically, the mental improvement was pretty immediate.

I get to do it again tomorrow. Right on.

Ride On – Ride Safe,


One thought on “1st Commute and Mental Improvment

  1. Congrats on the successful commute.. bet felt great… I envy you, in that my commute is only 8 minutes. If I meander I can make it take about 12 or so, but then it’s just gettting silly 😉


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