Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, Inc

I decided to feature this website because after research and reading I found that despite the fact may messengers make decent money, they do it at the expense of not being offered insurance or job security. Take a minute to read the statement from the BMEF, Inc. website. There is a URL at the end  as well as a featured link on our site. A few bucks goes a long way to help our brothers and sisters get back on their bike earning cash to make a living.

Ride On – Ride Safe

Peace, Patrick

Mission Purpose
The Bicycle Messenger Emergency fund is a non profit organization that provides emergency compensation to bicycle messengers who are hurt on the job. Currently the BMEF allocates a $300 ( Euro, Can, Lbs, USD etc..)emergency cheque to help messengers anywhere in the world during the first week of injury. This provides a boost, to both the financial and the mental/emotional state of the injured messenger. The goal is to help the injured cope and recover.

Global Skills
Bicycle messengers are an integral part of much of the world’s urban business centres. By bypassing slow moving traffic, accessing shortcuts unavailable to motor vehicles, and not being burdened with finding a place to park on crowded downtown streets, bicycle messengers provide very quick delivery services allowing businesses to operate more efficiently. Many law firms, ad agencies, property managers, government departments, those in the entertainment, service and countless other industries in cities around the globe rely on bicycle messengers… rely on them very much.

Cycling in Heavy Traffic
Bicycle messengers choose the occupation for a myriad of reasons, usually earning commissions per delivery and relying on their own work ethic, and customers’ satisfaction, to earn their paycheques. Many bicycle messengers are forced to go without job security, insurance, or injury compensation. Obviously cycling in heavy traffic can be a dangerous enough ordeal, never mind cycling in heavy traffic 40 hours or more per week to help clients meet deadlines and in turn their own clients’ demands. Injuries can be a common occurrence and contrary to popular belief, though according to many stats, rarely is the fault of the cyclist. Nearly all bike messengers consider themselves skilled professionals who make every effort to avoid accidents.

Reality of the Industry
On the job injuries in any profession can be very difficult to cope with, can lead to disillusionment and depression, and can even prevent one from performing everyday tasks. Imagine not being able to cook your own meals or do household chores, all the while taking a financial hit because income has been halted. Imagine this injury was no fault of your own yet insurance or legal settlement – if not a hit and run case – were to take weeks, months, or years. Imagine you were injured only because you were doing your job, serving your clients the way they expect to be served.

Please consider a donation to this 501 c3 non profit public charity online at


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