Green Tea & Snow

Still working on getting the blog together. We also received 10″ of snow over the last two days, but it will melt pretty quick like as the temps start to rise. So, I site here drinking green tea and tweaking the blog.

My wife worked on getting her Langster ready for her commuting season, put on some new tires and a new tire pump. A big + to the original tires which were the Specialized Mondo Pros. They were phenomenal urban tires. They took all sorts of abuse and street trash, but we got out to the desert and the ubiquitous “goatheads” put a quick damper on ’em. It takes nothing to flatten a tire with those around. So we moved on to some new tires. We’ll see how they do.

I am looking forward to the warmer temps heading our way, to be able to get out and ride the trails near my house.


Ride On – Ride Safe,



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