What Soul Side Down Is About

Soul Side Down is the peoples forum, the bike freak, the commuter, the activist, the everyday person.

Soul Side Down is not about profit margins & share holders, the latest fads/trends, or profiting off the backs of cyclist.

We don’t have strict guide lines, weight or physical requirements. All we care about is, do you love to ride a bike? Whether it’s a $5 thrift store find, a hand-me-down, some entry level or big dollar whatever, we want you.

Soul Side Down doesn’t want to hear about what the pros are doing or how much money they make, we don’t care about sponsors. Why? Because you sponsor yourself, and we feel you have a far more interesting story to share, be it through writing, pics,
or some small local event you’re having.

Do you own one bike or far too many?

Than Soul Side Down is for you.

We want to hear about the small companies knocking out frames, clothing, and zines.
We want your bike stories about commuting, trails, long trips, etc.

Drop us a line and let us post your voice: soulsidedown@gmail.com

All are welcome here.

Ride Safe!!!

Alley Cat Race Columbus, Ohio


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